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Steinway & Sons - History - Foundation and Growth
... In 1853, Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg founded Steinway Sons ... The first piano produced by Steinway Sons was given the number 483 because Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg had built 482 pianos in Germany ... It was not until 1864 that the family anglicized their name from Steinweg to Steinway ...
Theodore E. Steinway - References and External Links
... Theodore Steinway American Business Leaders Theodore E ... Steinway Official website of Steinway's factory in New York City Official website of Steinway's factory in Hamburg (German) The Steinway Sons Collection in ... Steinway, der neue Präsident des Hauses Steinway Sons Steinway Sons C.F ...
Innovations In The Piano - Acoustic and Mechanical Innovations - Tunable Duplex Scaling
... The idea behind duplex scaling, invented by Theodore Steinway in 1872, is that the non-speaking portion of the string, located between the non-speaking bridge pin and the hitch pin (formerly considered ... Steinway Sons' earliest employment of the duplex scale made use of aliquots, individually positionable (hence tunable) contact points, where each note of ... to correctly position each aliquot, Steinway abandoned individual aliquots for continuous cast metal bars, each comprising an entire section of duplex bridge points ...

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