The Last Sontaran - Plot - Continuity


  • Reference is made to the Bane seen in "Invasion of the Bane"; the Slitheen seen in Revenge of the Slitheen and The Lost Boy; the Gorgon and Alan's being turned to stone seen in Eye of the Gorgon; the Trickster and the alternate reality seen in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?; and the Xylok, the Moon coming towards Earth and the rebooting of Mr Smith (Alexander Armstrong) as seen in The Lost Boy. Kaagh refers to the Doctor's victory over the Sontarans in Doctor Who two-part story "The Sontaran Strategem"/"The Poison Sky" and footage of the Sontaran mothership exploding is re-used from "The Poison Sky", marking the first time footage from Doctor Who has been used in The Sarah Jane Adventures, aside from the still images shown in "Invasion of the Bane" and The Lost Boy. Kaagh is shown to bleed green blood as other Sontarans have been shown to in Doctor Who. Sarah Jane refers to her past encounters with Sontarans, alongside the Third Doctor in Earth's relative past in Doctor Who serial The Time Warrior and alongside the Fourth Doctor and Harry Sullivan in Earth's relative future in Doctor Who serial The Sontaran Experiment. Clyde observes that Sontarans resemble baked potatoes, an observation also made by Sarah Jane and Bea Nelson-Stanley in Eye of the Gorgon, and by Private Ross Jenkins in The Sontaran Stratagem.
  • Clyde and Luke re-enact the Battle of Waterloo in simulation. The Doctor referred to his defeat of the Sontarans in The Sontaran Experiment as "their Waterloo".
  • Sarah Jane likens the empty observatory to the deserted ship Mary Celeste, the abandonment of which was depicted in The Chase as being the result of Daleks arriving aboard.
  • Sarah Jane plans to call in military organisation UNIT to defeat Kaagh, but ultimately does not. UNIT battled the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet in "The Sontaran Strategem" and "The Poison Sky". Sarah Jane refers to the Sontarans' ongoing war with the Rutans.
  • Stating "Some people never learn", Chrissie breaks into Sarah Jane's house through the same window she did in Eye of the Gorgon.
  • As Maria enters the attic to take one last look around and to say goodbye to Mr Smith, she looks to her left and sees numerous alien objects Sarah Jane has collected, including; a bottle of Bubble Shock! seen in "Invasion of the Bane"; Mr Smith's Portable Scanner; a Sontaran gas canister and Kaagh's gun taken from Kaagh in this story; the MITRE headset seen in The Lost Boy; a puzzle box seen in Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane?; and entanglement shells seen in Warriors of Kudlak.

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