• (noun): Someone who administers a test to determine your qualifications.
    Synonyms: examiner, quizzer
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List Of Marvel Comics Characters: Z - Ziran The Tester
... Further reading Ziran the Tester at the Marvel Universe wiki Ziran the Tester on Marvel Database, a Marvel Comics wiki Ziran the Tester at the Comic ...
Types of Tube Testers - Dynamic Conductance Tester
... The dynamic conductance tester is just a variation of the emission tester with its implications, where a proportional AC voltage is applied to each electrode ... This tester exists thanks to Jackson mainly to avoid infringing the patents of the mutual conductance tester held by Hickok, but obviously do not provide the same measurements ...
Calo Tester
... The Calo tester is a quick, simple and inexpensive piece of equipment used to measure the thickness of these coatings ... The Calo tester also known as a ball craterer or coating thickness tester is also used to measure the amount of coating wear after a wear test carried out using a pin on disc tester ... The Calo tester consists of a holder for the surface to be tested and a steel sphere of known diameter that is rotated against the surface by a rotating shaft connected to ...
Strong-Cobb Unit - List of Common Hardness Testers
... are several devices used to perform this task The Monsanto tester was developed 50 years ago ... The Strong-Cobb tester forces an anvil against a stationary platform ... The results are very similar to that of the Monsanto tester ...
Twist Compression Tester
... The Twist Compression Tester ("TCT") is a hydraulically operated bench-top apparatus used to evaluate the level of friction and/or wear between two materials under ... The Twist Compression Tester is an invaluable diagnostic tool for evaluating lubricants, materials and coatings screening products for production ... The Twist Compression Tester was developed by Professor John Schey formerly of the University of Waterloo, and is manufactured, according to his design, under exclusive license by the ...

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  • (noun): A flat canopy (especially one over a four-poster bed).