Terra (video Game)

Terra (video Game)

Terra (also known as Terra: 2120 or Terra: Battle for the Outland) was one of the internet's original Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, debuting in early 1996 from Kaon interactive.

William Usher of AlteredGamer said, when Terra was already 15 years old, "if you go in expecting a generally fun tank-shooter with light commander options to alter the landscape of the fight, then you might find some enjoyment in the title."

Bright Hub wrote on N4G in 2010 "The game feels like a classic throwback to underground hits like LHX Attack Chopper or Accolade’s vehicular first-person shooter, Redline. Terra is a gutsy shooter that nails down all the basics to make it enjoyable..."

Robert Coffey of Computer Gaming World gave it a rating of two stars out of five, saying it is "a virtual world with few citizens and bad game play". He did not recommend it, calling the game mediocre.

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... can be built without any nearby asset,they are the Ammo Dump and the Fuel Dump ... The Ammo Dump,or AD,replenishes all ammo to maximum loadout in any vehicle(VIN)and restores full armor ... process takes around 30 seconds and a player is entirely vulnerable during that time,including from an opponent killing the AD itself ...

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