Terminally Redundant DNA

Terminally redundant DNA is DNA that contains repeated sequences at each end called terminal repeats. These ends are used (e.g. in virus T4) to join the ends of the linear DNA to form a cyclic DNA. The term was first coined by Dr. Michael London in 1964.

Famous quotes containing the words dna and/or redundant:

    Here [in London, history] ... seemed the very fabric of things, as if the city were a single growth of stone and brick, uncounted strata of message and meaning, age upon age, generated over the centuries to the dictates of some now all-but-unreadable DNA of commerce and empire.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)

    How can anyone be interested in war?—that glorious pursuit of annihilation with its ceremonious bellowings and trumpetings over the mangling of human bones and muscles and organs and eyes, its inconceivable agonies which could have been prevented by a few well- chosen, reasonable words. How, why, did this unnecessary business begin? Why does anyone want to read about it—this redundant human madness which men accept as inevitable?
    Margaret Anderson (1886–1973)