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Type II Topoisomerase - Structure of Type IIA Topoisomerases
... consist of several key motifs an N-terminal GHKL ATPase domain (for gyrase, Hsp, kinase and MutL), a Toprim domain (sometimes called a Rossmann fold ... Prokaryotes have the ATPase domain and the Toprim fold on one polypeptide, while the DNA cleavage core and the CTD lies on a second polypeptide ... The structures of the N-terminal ATPase domain of gyrase (Wigley, Davies, Dodson, Maxwell, and Dodson, Nature 1991) and yeast topoisomerase II (Classen ...
Long-chain-fatty-acid—Co A Ligase - Structure
... The enzymes in the family consist of a large N-terminal and a small C-terminal domain, with the catalytic site positioned between the two domains ... Substrate binding may affect the relative positions of the C- and N-terminal domains ... The C-terminal domain of LC-FACS is assumed to be in an open conformation when a substrate is absent and in a closed conformation when a substrate is bound ...
GAK (protein) - Structure
... Cyclin G-associated kinase is a two domain cystolic protein ... The domain of interest is the C-terminal domain which consists of three subdomains such as a C-terminal J domain, a clathrin-binding domain, and a tension-like N-terminal ... The other domain is the N terminal kinase domain which is a functional Ser/Thr protein kinase ...
Thermolysin - Structure
... Its overall structure consists of two roughly spherical domains with a deep cleft running across the middle of the molecule separating the two domains ... The secondary structure of each domain is quite different, the N-terminal domain consists of mostly beta pleated sheet, while the C-terminal domain is mostly alpha helical in structure ... These two domains are connected by a central alpha helix, spanning amino acids 137-151 ...
... in humans it contains 10 Se-Cys residues, which are split into two domains, a longer N-terminal domain that contains 1 Se-Cys, and a shorter C-terminal domain that ... The longer N-terminal domain is likely an enzymatic domain, and the shorter C-terminal domain is likely a means of safely transporting the very reactive Selenium atom ...

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