Telescopic Sight

A telescopic sight, commonly called a scope, is a sighting device that is based on an optical refracting telescope. They are equipped with some form of graphic image pattern (a reticle) mounted in an optically appropriate position in their optical system to give an accurate aiming point. Telescopic sights are used with all types of systems that require accurate aiming but are most commonly found on guns. Other types of sights are iron sights, reflector (reflex) sights, and laser sights.

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Accuracy International AWM - Users - German Armed Forces
... in.300 Winchester Magnum (7.62 x 67 mm in Bundeswehr nomenclature), with a 3-12x56 SSG telescopic sight made by the German company Zeiss, under the designation of G22 (for Gewehr 22) or Scharfschützengeweh ... The German G22 rifles have folding stocks and emergency iron sights ... The Carl Zeiss Optronics (previously branded as Hensoldt) telescopic sight has a mil-dot reticle and a scale that enables the operator to see the ...
PSO-1 - Mounting System
... The telescopic sight propriety mount is adjustable for tension on the SVD rifle's side rail ... an offset mounting that positions the PSO-1 telescopic sight axis to the left side in relation to the receiver center axis ... The telescopic sight is factory matched to the rifle by engraving the scope's serial number on to the butt stock of the SVD rifle ...
Lloyd Rifle - Design - Telescopic Sight
... Integral to the Lloyd rifle was a telescopic sight - indeed, Lloyd rifles came with no iron sights, and no provision for fitting them without some difficulty - and the majority of Lloyd rifles were delivered to ... that they had never found it necessary to make any adjustment whatsoever to their rifles' sights over many years of use ...
Telescopic Sight - Uses - Military
... as used in the Schmidt Bender 5-25x56 PM II LP telescopic sight ... SA80, became standard issue, military use of telescopic sights was restricted to snipers because of the fragility and expense of optical components ... Telescopic sights provide some tactical disadvantages ...
... The Soviet PSO-1 (Pritsel Snaipersky Optichesky, "Optical Sniper Sight") telescopic sight was at the time of its introduction (around 1964), the most technically advanced telescopic sight ever designed for a ... The PSO-1 telescopic sight is manufactured in Russia by the Novosibirsk instrument-making factory (NPZ Optics State Plant) and is issued with the Russian military Dragunov sniper rifle ...

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