TDB may refer to:

  • Barycentric Dynamical Time, time standard
  • The Daily Buzz
  • Treasury Discount Bills, Japan fixed income
  • Trivial Database, database engine
  • The Division Bell, a Pink Floyd album

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Barycentric Dynamical Time - History
... ET for planetary ephemerides was to be Barycentric Dynamical Time (TDB) ... TDB was to tick uniformly in a reference frame comoving with the barycenter of the Solar System ... be located outside all of the relevant gravity wells.) In addition, TDB was to have (as observed/evaluated at the Earth's surface), over the long term average, the same rate as TDT (now ...
International Enterprise Singapore - History
... from a re-organization of what used to be called the Singapore Trade Development Board (TDB) ... The TDB was formed in 1983 to develop Singapore as an international trading hub, promoting the nation's goods and services ... TDB was thus renamed International Enterprise Singapore (IE Singapore) on 12 Apr 2002 to mark a strategic shift in activities, which would now focus less on export promotion ...
British Rail Class 122 - Usage After Passenger Service
... number former number use disposal/current use cut up date TDB 55001 ... Route learning car Preserved TDB 55019 ... Route learning car / Sandite Stored by Chiltern at ...
Trade Development Bank
... Trade Development Bank (TDB) was a private Geneva-based bank built by Edmond Safra (who also founded Brazil's sixth largest bank, Banco Safra) in the 1950s ... TDB's mode of banking was much different than that done in the western world, as it was done with intimacy and learning a depositor's character rather than balance sheets and hard numbers ... TDB owner, Edmond Safra, was inducted to the board of American Express ...
Barycentric Dynamical Time - Use of TDB
... TDB is a successor of Ephemeris Time (ET), in that ET can be seen (within the limits of the lesser accuracy and precision achievable in its time) to be an approximation to TDB as well ... TDB in the form of the very closely analogous, and practically equivalent, time scale Teph continues to be used for the important DE405 planetary and lunar ... Arguments have been put forward for the continued practical use of TDB rather than TCB based on the very small size of the difference between TDB and TT, not exceeding 0.002 ...