Tarsal could refer to:

  • tarsus (skeleton) (skeleton)
  • tarsus (eyelids) (eye)
  • superior tarsal muscle (eye)

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Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome - Cause
... to determine the exact cause of Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome ... Anything that creates pressure in the Tarsal Tunnel can cause TTS ... These people put more stress on the tarsal tunnel area ...
List Of Subjects In Gray's Anatomy: VI. The Arteries - The Arteries of The Lower Extremity - The Arteria Dorsalis Pedis (Gray's s161) - Gray's page #637
... branches of the arteria dorsalis pedis lateral tarsal artery (a ... tarsea lateralis tarsal artery) medial tarsal arteries (aa ...
Transverse Tarsal Joint
... The transverse tarsal joint or midtarsal joint or Chopart's joint is formed by the articulation of the calcaneus with the cuboid (the calcaneocuboid joint), and the articulation of the ... movement which takes place in this joint is more extensive than that in the other tarsal joints, and consists of a sort of rotation by means of which the foot may be slightly flexed or ...
Lateral Tarsal Artery
... The lateral tarsal artery (tarsal artery) arises from the dorsalis pedis, as that vessel crosses the navicular bone it passes in an arched direction lateralward, lying upon the tarsal bones, and covered by ...