Tamaki may refer to:


  • Afghanistan
  • Japan
    • Tamaki, Mie
  • New Zealand
    • Tamaki, New Zealand, a suburb of Auckland
    • Tāmaki (New Zealand electorate), in Auckland
    • East Tamaki, a suburb of Auckland
    • Tamaki River, in Auckland
    • Tamaki Strait, between Waiheke Island and the North Island


  • Brian Tamaki (born 1958), leader of Destiny Church, based in New Zealand
  • Hiroshi Tamaki (born 1980), an actor, singer, and model from Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
  • Nami Tamaki (born 1988), pop singer from Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
  • Yukiko Tamaki (born 1980), Japanese voice actress

Fictional characters:

  • Tamaki Kousaka in ToHeart2
  • Tamaki Suoh in Ouran High School Host Club
  • Tamaki Kawazoe in Bamboo Blade
  • Shinichirō Tamaki from Code Geass

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... Tamaki(تمکی in Persian / dari) is a Village in Afghanistan in the Qarabagh District of Ghazni Province ... Tamaki is very close to Jaghori District ... Tamaki is populated by Hazaras,about 10000 to 15000 people lives in Tamaki, who speak either Hazaragi or Dari and their religion is shia islam ...
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... Tamaki's father (珠姫の父, Tamaki no Chichi?) Voiced by Katsumi Chō (Japanese), Mark Stoddard (English) Tamaki's unnamed father is the head of the Kawazoe dojo ... He encouraged Tamaki to take up kendo at a very young age, and is therefore responsible for her amazing skill in kendo ... Tamaki's father is possibly in his mid-50's as he keeps saying "I'm at an age where I can't even understand Tama-chan anymore" in one episode of the anime ...