Tajik may refer to:

  • Tajik people, an ethnic group Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Iran, Russia and China
  • Tajik language, the official language of Tajikistan
  • Tajik cuisine
  • Tajik, Iran, a village in North Khorasan Province, Iran
  • The Sarikoli language, spoken by Tajiks in China and officially referred to as the Tajik language in China
  • The Arabic-schooled, ethnically Persian administrative officials of the Turco-Persian society

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Tajik - People
... Tajik Assata Anwar Bahoul, the birth name of Black nationalist activist Taj Anwar Pouya Tajik Samantha Tajik Hadia Tajik Abdul Jamil Tajik note To distinguish between the nationality and the ... Tajik is occasionally written as Tadzhik or Tadjik, a transcription of the Russian spelling ...
Tajiks In Pakistan - Students
... Tajik Students in Pakistan (Urdu تاجک)(Tajik Тоҷик)(Persian تاجيک)(Russian таджик) are increasing rapidly due to the sound diplomatic relations between both ... on both sides therefore the Pakistan Study Centre gifted by Pakistani youth for the Tajik youth which was inaugurated by the Pakistan Ambassador Mr ... Khalid Usman Qaiser and the Tajik Minister of Education Mr ...
Shabnam Surayyo
... Shabnam Surayyo (also spelled as Surayo, Suraya, or Soraya, Tajik Шабнами Сурайё, شبنم ثریا), born on October 14, 1971 in Kulyab, Tajikstan ... Following this success, Shabnam hit international stardom amongst tajik people and Tajik-speakers around the globe ...
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... In 1934 the Institute was reorganized and renamed into the Tajik Agricultural Institute ... In 1992, the Institute was again reorganized into Tajik Agrarian University ... decided (#311 from October 31, 2009) to rename the University as Tajik Agrarian University Shirinsho Shotemur ...