T. L. Handy Middle School

T. L. Handy Middle School is a middle school of the Bay City Public Schools district in Bay City, Michigan. It is located at 601 Blend Street, Bay City, Michigan, at the corner of Blend and North Union, on the city's west side. T.L. Handy's mascot is the Wildcat. Its school colors are Red and White. The school fight song is 'Wildcat Fight'. T.L. Handy started out as an intermediate school, then was converted to a high school in 1946, and then back to a middle school in 1990. The school underwent major renovation in 1973, when a new science wing was added, a second swimming pool and a second gym were built, new stairways put in that met fire code, and an elevator to service handicapped students was added. In addition, the auditorium was modernized with new seating and a new electrical system for the lights. The old swimming pool area is now the school library and media lab. In 1970, the school band served as a featured band at the inauguration for the Governor of the State of Michigan.

The school is named after Thomas Lincoln Handy, a rich land owner of the area. He donated the land to build a school after the coal mine he owned in that location closed around 1920. His living room serves as the entryway to the present-day auditorium. There is also a plaque there in his honor which is placed above the fireplace that was a part of his living room.

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