Systemic Bias

Systemic bias is the inherent tendency of a process to favor particular outcomes. The term is a neologism that generally refers to human systems including institutions; the analogous problem in non-human systems (such as measurement instruments or mathematical models used to estimate physical quantities) is often called systematic bias, and leads to systematic error in measurements or estimates.

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Wiikiipedia - Analysis of Content - Coverage of Topics and Systemic Bias
... editors contribute to one topic or set of topics, there may arise a systemic bias, such as non-opposite definitions for apparent antonyms ... levels in the developed world (cf previously) Systemic bias on Wikipedia may follow that of culture generally, for example favouring certain ethnicities or majority religions ... A "selection bias" may arise when more words per article are devoted to one public figure than a rival public figure ...
Systemic Bias - Systemic Versus Systematic Bias
... There is some contention over the choice of the word systemic as opposed to systematic ... Systemic bias" and the older, more common expression "systematic bias" are often used to refer to the same thing some users seek to draw a distinction ... In engineering and computational mechanics, the word bias is sometimes used as a synonym of systematic error ...
Psychological Theories - Criticism - Systemic Bias
... them supported their initial hypotheses, implying a possible publication bias ... In 2010, a group of researchers reported a systemic bias in psychology studies towards WEIRD ("western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic") subjects ...
Wikipedia:WikiProject Countering Systemic Bias
... The Wikipedia project suffers systemic bias that naturally grows from its contributors' demographic groups, manifesting an imbalanced coverage of a subject, thereby discriminating against the less represented ... See an explanation of systemic bias on Wikipedia for how this may impact articles and content ... and (possibly) eliminate the cultural perspective gaps made by the systemic bias, consciously focusing upon subjects and points of view neglected by the encyclopedia as a whole ...

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    The solar system has no anxiety about its reputation, and the credit of truth and honesty is as safe; nor have I any fear that a skeptical bias can be given by leaning hard on the sides of fate, of practical power, or of trade, which the doctrine of Faith cannot down-weigh.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)