Syllable Weight

In linguistics, syllable weight is the concept that syllables pattern together according to the number and/or duration of segments in the rime. In classical poetry, both Greek and Latin, distinctions of syllable weight were fundamental to the meter of the line.

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Syllable Weight - Classical Poetry - Exceptions and Additions
... of the above rules of heavy and light syllables The Greek letters ζ, ξ, ψ (zeta, xi, and psi) and their Roman equivalents Z and X (and PS) were pronounced as two consonants ... For example, the first syllable of gaza is heavy, despite the short vowel followed only by one written consonant, because the Z was pronounced as two ... For example, the first syllable of patris is generally light, even though it has a short vowel followed by two consonants, because the consonants cohere (and the word is syllabified pa-tr ...
Ottawa Phonology - Phonological Processes - Vowel Syncope - Alternations in Syllable Weight
... Addition of inflectional prefixes or suffixes can change the syllable weight assignment of a word ... be exempt from Syncope because it is in a metrically Strong syllable in one form of a word, but may be eligible for Syncope because the addition of a prefix or suffix changes the syllable weight ... as Ojibwa makizin ('shoe') (in non-syncopating dialects) the first two syllables are Weak and Strong, respectively (by rule 3 above), while the final syllable is Strong (by rule 2) ...
Munsee Language - Sounds - Syllable Weight
... Syllable weight plays a significant role in Munsee phonology, determining stress placement and the deletion of certain short vowels ... All syllables containing long vowels are strong ... Any short vowel in a closed syllable (i.e ...
Ottawa Phonology - Phonological Processes - Vowel Syncope - Metrical Feet and Syllable Weight
... Ojibwe syllables are organized into metrical Feet ... A Foot consists of a minimum of one syllable, and a maximum of two syllables ... Syllables are either Weak or Strong ...

Famous quotes containing the words weight and/or syllable:

    The weight of its body
    cleverly suspended
    by its own wings,
    the bee
    sips at the bud
    of the night-blooming jasmine,
    opening it,
    greedy for its juice.
    Hla Stavhana (c. 50 A.D.)

    It was a purely wild and primitive American sound, as much as the barking of a chickaree, and I could not understand a syllable of it.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)