As a verb, swoop may mean:

  • Attack swiftly in a military offensive
  • Fly or glide downward, as in
    • Fixed-wing aircraft flight
    • Bird flight
      • In Australia, a bird that attacks a person to defend its nest is said to swoop the person
    • Bat flight
    • Insect flight

As a noun, swoop may mean:

  • Swoop (Transformers), several fictional characters in the Transformers series
  • A swoop bike
  • Swoop (mascot), A costumed mascot for various Universities and the NFL Philadelphia Eagles' mascot
  • The red-tailed hawk mascot of the Utah Utes, the sports teams of the University of Utah
  • The mascot of the Miami RedHawks of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio
  • A nickname given to a Marine Corps helicopter pilot
  • The Swoop, a novel by P. G. Wodehouse
  • Swoop (computer game), Galaxian clone for Mac OS
  • Swoop (8-bit computer game), Galaxian clone for 8-bit computers
  • Swooping is a kind of canopy piloting

In music, swoop may refer to:

  • Swoop (Australian band)
  • Swoop (Belgian band)

Swoops may refer to:

  • Swoops, a candy manufactured by The Hershey Company
  • SWOOPS, Solar Wind Observations Over the Poles of the Sun, an instrument aboard Ulysses (spacecraft)

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