Swim Bladder

The swim bladder, gas bladder, fish maw or air bladder is an internal gas-filled organ that contributes to the ability of a fish to control its buoyancy, and thus to stay at the current water depth without having to waste energy in swimming. The swim bladder is also of use as a stabilizing agent because in the upright position the center of mass is below the center of volume due to the dorsal position of the swim bladder. Another function of the swim bladder is the use as a resonating chamber to produce or receive sound.

The swim bladder is evolutionarily homologous to the lungs. Charles Darwin remarked upon this in On the Origin of Species.

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... The swim bladder is almost transparent and much more delicate than other members of Sillago ... by McKay had an elongate oval shaped swim bladder with two rudimentary posterior extensions and no anterior extension ... is present on the posterior ventral surface of the swim bladder ...
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... It swims in a head-down vertical stance, allowing it to hide amongst tall spines of a sea urchin ... organ which gives teleost fishes superior buoyancy control, the swim bladder ... Contrary to common assumptions, swim bladder is not a precursor to lungs in human and other lobe-finned fishes ...
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... The number of spines and rays, vertebrae and swim bladder morphology are other distinguishing features ... The swim bladder of the species is very similar and in some cases indistinguishable from a related species, Sillago ciliata, with the anterior part of the swim ...
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... Siphonophores have a special swim bladder that allows the jellyfish-like colonies to float along the surface of the water while their tentacles trail below ...
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... Fish with barotrauma will have their enormously swollen swim-bladder protruding from their mouth, bulging eyeballs, and often sustain other, more subtle but still very serious injuries ... fish with barotrauma will be unable to swim or dive due to the swollen swim-bladder ... The common practice has been to deflate the swim bladder by pricking it with a thin sharp object before attempting to release the fish ...

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    Consider the vice president, George Bush, a man so bedeviled by bladder problems that he managed, for the last eight years, to be in the men’s room whenever an important illegal decision was made.
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    Men are afraid to rock the boat in which they hope to drift safely through life’s currents, when, actually, the boat is stuck on a sandbar. They would be better off to rock the boat and try to shake it loose, or, better still, jump in the water and swim for the shore.
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