Surface Normal

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Bump Mapping Basics
... Bump mapping is a technique in computer graphics to make a rendered surface look more realistic by simulating small displacements of the surface ... However, unlike traditional displacement mapping, the surface geometry is not modified ... Instead only the surface normal is modified as if the surface had been displaced ...
Surface Integral - Advanced Issues
... Let us notice that we defined the surface integral by using a parametrization of the surface S ... We know that a given surface might have several parametrizations ... A natural question is then whether the definition of the surface integral depends on the chosen parametrization ...
Normal (geometry) - Normal To Surfaces in 3D Space - Uniqueness of The Normal
... A normal to a surface does not have a unique direction the vector pointing in the opposite direction of a surface normal is also a surface normal ... For a surface which is the topological boundary of a set in three dimensions, one can distinguish between the inward-pointing normal and outer-pointing normal, which ... For an oriented surface, the surface normal is usually determined by the right-hand rule ...

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