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Fictional Planetary Systems - History
... eventually turns up but it was not until Galileo discovered (1609–1610) that the Moon had surface features, and that the other planets could, at least, be resolved into disks ... of telescopes in the course of the 19th century, it finally became possible to distinguish surface features on other planets and even to draw maps of some of them, notably Mars ... In 1877, Asaph Hall reported two moons of Mars and Giovanni Schiaparelli found the surface of Mars to be adorned with continents, seas, and channels, and a very suitable habitat for life ...
Ariel (moon) - Surface - Surface Features
... See also List of geological features on Ariel The observed surface of Ariel can be divided into three terrain types cratered terrain, ridged terrain and plains ... The main surface features are impact craters, canyons, fault scarps, ridges and troughs ... The cratered terrain, a rolling surface covered by numerous impact craters and centered on Ariel's south pole, is the moon's oldest and most geographically extensive geological unit ...
Mercury (planet) - Observation History - Ground-based Telescopic Research
... In 1800 Johann Schröter made observations of surface features, claiming to have observed 20 km high mountains ... The effort to map the surface of Mercury was continued by Eugenios Antoniadi, who published a book in 1934 that included both maps and his own observations ... Many of the planet's surface features, particularly the albedo features, take their names from Antoniadi's map ...

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    All visible objects, man, are but as pasteboard masks. But in each event—in the living act, the undoubted deed—there, some unknown but still reasoning thing puts forth the mouldings of its features from behind the unreasoning mask. If man will strike, strike through the mask!
    Herman Melville (1819–1891)

    In Manhattan, every flat surface is a potential stage and every inattentive waiter an unemployed, possibly unemployable, actor.
    Quentin Crisp (b. 1908)