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Half-life in Biology and Pharmacology
... A biological half-life or elimination half-life is the time it takes for a substance (drug, radioactive nuclide, or other) to lose one-half of its pharmacologic ... In a medical context, the half-life may also describe the time that it takes for the concentration in blood plasma of a substance to reach one-half of its steady-state value (the "p ... For example, the biological half-life of water in a human being is about seven to 14 days, though this can be altered by his/her behavior ...
Life Saving Reel
... The surf life saving reel was beach life saving apparatus from Australia ... The life saver would attach the harness to his or her self then swim out to the struggling bather/surfer ... attach the patient to the harness and another life saver on the beach would reel them in ...
Widukind - Life
... Very little is known about Widukind's life ... There are no sources about Widukind's life or death after his baptism ... Abbey has been identified as a likely location where Widukind may have spent the rest of his life ...
Cronulla Beach - Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club
... The Cronulla Surf Life Saving Club, was one of the first surf clubs established in Australia in 1907 ... Cronulla is one of the largest and strongest clubs in the surf life saving movement with 1,200 members, including 620 in its nipper ranks ... Cronulla has won three World Championships encompassing all rescue and Surf Life Saving competition and has consistently placed in the top 10 clubs at the Australian ...
St Clair Surf Life Saving Club
... St Clair Surf Life Saving Club (often shortened to St Clair SLSC) is a surf lifesaving club based at St Clair in Dunedin, New Zealand ... St Clair has a long tradition in surf sports events, and is a previous winner of the Nelson Shield ... It has also supplied several members to the Surf Life Saving Otago representative programme.Club life member Duke Gilles was the inventor of the first mono-hul ...

Famous quotes containing the words saving and/or surf:

    Oh that my Pow’r to Saving were confin’d:
    Why am I forc’d, like Heav’n, against my mind,
    To make Examples of another Kind?
    Must I at length the Sword of Justice draw?
    Oh curst Effects of necessary Law!
    How ill my Fear they by my Mercy scan,
    Beware the Fury of a Patient Man.
    John Dryden (1631–1700)

    There was so much of the Indian accent resounding through his English, so much of the “bow-arrow tang” as my neighbor calls it.... It was a wild and refreshing sound, like that of the wind among the pines, or the booming of the surf on the shore.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)