Supra may refer to:

  • Supra (feast), an important part of Georgian social culture
  • Toyota Supra, a sports car/grand tourer produced from 1979 to 2002
  • Sydney University Postgraduate Representative Association, student union organization
  • Supra, Inc., a former manufacturer of computer modems
  • Supra (grammar), Latin for above

Other articles related to "supra, supras":

Supraśl (river)
... Supraśl - is a river in east Poland in Podlaskie Voivodeship, a tributary of the Narew river (near Złotoria), with a length of 93,8 kilometres and the basin area of 1844,4 km2 Supraśl is the source of the ...
Supra FAXModem 14400
... Supra, Inc ... Supra, never having been known as a "player" in the modem world, designed a modem based on the new chipset, and arranged a short-term exclusivity agreement ... simply being the first consumer v.32bis modem on the market, Supra made a number of improvements over existing designs ...
Aleksander Chodkiewicz - Supraśl Monastery
... in 1498, Chodkiewicz founded what became the Supraśl Orthodox Monastery in lands inherited from his father ... union was abandoned at the metropolitan level, but Kirkienė found hints that Supraśl continued the idea locally ... The Supraśl Monastery became cultural and spiritual center as well as mausoleum of the Chodkiewicz family ...
Toyota Supra In Motorsport - Drifting
... Toyota Supra was used for top level drifting events, Most notably Manabu Orido, the D1GP judge turned competitor, who, for personal reasons, chose the JZA80 to be his personal car and his own racecar of Super GT series ... Fredric Aasbø has been driving Supras in both Norwegian and US drifting events since 2008, Mark Luney has also prepared a high-powered Supra to compete within UK events in 2010 ... his differential (sourced from a junked Supra) broke and he was unable to get the car repaired on time, as Imamura did not get his car ready on time, Orido had to claim his ...