Supersymmetry As A Quantum Group - Unitary (-1)F Operator

Unitary (-1)F Operator

Following is the essence of supersymmetry, which is encapsulated within the following minimal quantum group. We have the two dimensional Hopf algebra generated by (-1)F subject to

with the counit

and the coproduct

and the antipode

Thus far, there is nothing supersymmetric about this Hopf algebra at all; it is isomorphic to the Hopf algebra of the two element group . Supersymmetry comes in when introducing the nontrivial quasitriangular structure

where +1 eigenstates of (-1)F are called bosons and -1 eigenstates are called fermions.

This describes a fermionic braiding; don't pick up a phase factor when interchanging two bosons or a boson and a fermion, but multiply by -1 when interchanging two fermions. This provides the essence of the boson/fermion distinction.

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