Superclass may refer to:

  • The global ruling class supposedly created by neoliberal globalization (also known as the "transnational capitalist class").
  • Superclass (book), a book about global governance by David Rothkopf, and The Superclass List
  • Superclass (biology), a taxonomic rank intermediate between subphylum and class.
  • Superclass (computer science), a class from which other classes are derived.

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Superclass (book)
... Superclass - The Global Power Elite and the World They Are Making is a controversial book about global governance by US author David Rothkopf, released in March 2008 by publisher ... The Superclass) of six thousand individuals ... of the great powers provided most of the superclass, accompanied by a few heads of international movements (i.e ...
Call Super - Description
... In object-oriented programming, users can inherit the properties and behaviour of a superclass in subclasses ... A subclass can override methods of its superclass, substituting its own implementation of the method for the superclass's implementation ... overriding method will completely replace the corresponding functionality in the superclass, while in other cases the superclass's method must still be called from the overriding method ...
Push Down
... engineering, Push Down refactoring involves moving a method from a superclass into a subclass ... after the Push Down refactor is applied public class SuperClass{ void methodA { //do something } void methodB { //do something else } } public class SubClass extends SuperClass { void methodC { //do something } } After ...
Amateur Motorcycling Association - AMCA Championships - Superclass
... top 18 riders from the current Championships for MX1 MX2 class will be eligible to compete in the Superclass ... Riders will not be allowed to ride elsewhere on the same day as a Superclass round ...