Sunday Morning Cartoon - History - 1995 Onward

1995 Onward

As independent stations became UPN or WB affiliates, they continued running some Sunday cartoons, including some classified as educational, to meet the three-hour-a-week educational requirement. As UPN and WB were replaced by The CW and MyNetworkTV, a moderate amount of cartoons still air on some stations Sunday mornings. Some CW affiliates, for example run The CW4Kids on Sunday mornings. In addition, some ABC and CBS affiliates run part of their Saturday kids' lineups on Sunday morning.

On November 1, 2008, This TV launched airing a daily children's programming block called Cookie Jar Toons. Cookie Jar Toons is programmed by Cookie Jar Entertainment.

Overall, however, Sunday morning cartoons have never been nearly as common as those airing on Saturday mornings or as common as weekday cartoons (which are nearly extinct on broadcast TV) had been in past decades.

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