Summed Similarity

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Multiple Trace Theory - Mathematical Formulation - Summed Similarity
... Still, high similarity between p and mi is indicated by a small Euclidean distance ... must be performed on the distance that leads to very low similarity for great distance and very high similarity for small distance ... A linear operation does not eliminate low-similarity items harshly enough ...
Multiple Trace Theory - Applications To Memory Phenomena - Other Common Results Explained
... because repeated exposure simply adds the memory into the ever-growing memory matrix, so summed similarity for this memory will be larger and thus more likely to pass ... For common words, summed similarity will be relatively high, whether the word was seen in the list or not, because it is likely that the word has been encountered and encoded in the memory matrix several times ... Hence, low overall summed similarity will lead to a more lax criterion ...
Context-dependent Memory - History - Theoretical Background
... In Summed Similarity Theory, the use of a memory matrix includes the context as an attribute in a memory vector ... Summed Similarity Theory explains that the theoretical memory matrix is searched and the memory representation with the highest summed similarity of all memory vectors to the probe item is selected ... The Absolute-Similarity Framework also uses context as an important factor in determining how closely a probe vector and a memory vector match ...

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