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Insert Subscriber Data
... Insert Subscriber Data is a Subscriber Data Handling procedure in LTE services ... This procedure is used to manage the subscription data of subscriber in MME and SGSN over S6a/S6d interface ... IDR is invoked by Home Subscriber Server for subscription data handling ...
Super-Charged Network - Considerations
... Outdated subscriber information in visiting networks Outdated subscriber information is a concern if the UE does not re-enter the previous visiting network after an extended ... To prevent out dating of the subscriber data, an age indicator is associated with the subscriber information maintained in all location registers ... the age indicator in a visiting network is too old, or determines the subscriber's information has changed since the visiting network last received the information, the HLR will send the ...
Tekelec - Products - Subscriber Data Management
... Tekelec’s Subscriber Data Management (SDM) product family consolidates and manages cross-domain subscriber data – location, network authentication, access preferences, services ...

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