String Operations - Strings and Languages

Strings and Languages

A string is a finite sequence of characters. The empty string is denoted by . The concatenation of two string and is denoted by, or shorter by . Concatenating with the empty string makes no difference: . Concatenation of strings is associtive: .

For example, .

A language is a finite or infinite set of strings. Besides the usual set operations like union, intersection etc., concatenation can be applied to languages: if both and are languages, their concatenation is defined as the set of concatenations of any string from and any string from, formally . Again, the concatenation dot is often omitted for shortness.

The language consisting of just the empty string is to be distinguished from the empty language . Concatenating any language with the former doesn't make any change:, while concatenating with the latter always yields the empty language: . Concatenation of languages is associtive: .

For example, abbreviating, the set of all three-digit decimal numbers is obtained as . The set of all decimal numbers of arbitrary length is an example for an infinite language.

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