Strasser is a German surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Chantal Strasser (born 1978), Swiss freestyle swimmer
  • David Strasser (b. ? ), American Christian songwriter and musician who performs as Beaker (musician)
  • Gregor Strasser (1892-1934), German Nazi Party leader
  • Jeff Strasser (b. 1974), Luxembourgian football (soccer) player
  • Joseph C. Strasser (b. 1940), United States Navy admiral
  • Peter Strasser (1876-1918), Imperial German Navy officer, commander of the German naval Zeppelin fleet in World War I
  • Robin Strasser, (b. 1945), American actress
  • Rodney Strasser (b. 1990), Sierra Leonean footballer (soccer player)
  • Otto Strasser (1897-1974), German Nazi Party leader and exiled activist
  • Teresa Strasser (b. 1950), American journalist and television personality
  • Todd Strasser (b. 1950), American writer
  • Valentine Strasser (b. 1967), Sierra Leonean politician
Fictional characters
  • Major Heinrich Strasser, the major villain in the movie Casablanca; see Casablanca (film)#Major Strasser

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