Stop - Other Uses

Other Uses

  • Bus stop
  • Door stop
  • Full stop, a punctuation mark
    • STOP, used to replace the symbol in telegraphs, as Morse code has no method to produce it.
  • Petzl Stop, a descender used in caving.
  • Safe Tables Our Priority, a food safety organization
  • Secure Trusted Operating Program, a computer operating system
  • Stop, a font designed by Aldo Novarese
  • Stop consonant, a concept in linguistics
  • Stop error, a computer error screen
  • Stop sign, a traffic signal
  • Stop, a supersymmetric squark which is the superpartner of the top quark
  • Society of Teachers Opposed to Physical Punishment
  • Terry stop, a brief police detention in the United States
  • Truck stop, a type of rest stop for truck drivers

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