Stone Faced Concrete

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List Of Bridges On The National Register Of Historic Places In New York
... County Type 69th Street Transfer Bridge 1911 2003-06-26 New York New York Allan Teator Road Stone Arch Bridge 1892 2008-01-09 West Durham Greene Andrews Street Bridge 1893 1984-10-11. 1825 1989-10-18 Hounsfield Jefferson Stone arch bridge Beer's Bridge 1900 !ca. 1925 1999-11-12 Keene Valley Essex Pratt Pony Truss Brand Hollow Road Stone Arch Bridge 1892, 1893 2008-04-10 West Durham Greene Bridge L-158 1883, 1904 1978-11-29 Goldens Bridge ...

Famous quotes containing the words concrete, stone and/or faced:

    In his comprehensive delight in all experience Dickens resembles Walt Whitman, but he was innocent of that nebulous transcendentalism that blurred Whitman’s universe into vast misty panoramas and left him, for all his huge democratic vistas, unable to tell a story or paint a single concrete human being.
    Edgar Johnson (1912–1990)

    Painting consumes labour not disproportionate to its effect; but a fellow will hack half a year at a block of marble to make something in stone that hardly resembles a man. The value of statuary is owing to its difficulty. You would not value the finest head cut upon a carrot.
    Samuel Johnson (1709–1784)

    The proclamation and repetition of first principles is a constant feature of life in our democracy. Active adherence to these principles, however, has always been considered un-American. We recipients of the boon of liberty have always been ready, when faced with discomfort, to discard any and all first principles of liberty, and, further, to indict those who do not freely join with us in happily arrogating those principles.
    David Mamet (b. 1947)