A stiletto is a knife or dagger with a long slender blade and needle-like point, primarily intended as a stabbing weapon. The stiletto blade's narrow cross-section and acuminated tip reduces friction upon entry, allowing the blade to penetrate deeply. Some consider the stiletto a form of dagger, but most stilettos are specialized thrusting weapons not designed for cutting or slashing, even with edged examples. Over time, the term stiletto has been used as a general descriptive term for a variety of knife blades exhibiting a narrow blade with minimal cutting surfaces and a needle-like point, such as the U.S. V-42 Stiletto, while in American English usage, the name stiletto can also refer to a switchblade knife with a stiletto- or bayonet-type blade design. The term is also used interchangeably with stiletto heel, a long, thin, high heel for certain boots and shoes, usually for women.

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