Sticky Ends

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Biomolecular Engineering of Molecules - Recombinant DNA - Method
... corresponding recognition site creating sticky ends on the plasmid ... Ligases then joins the sticky ends to the corresponding sticky ends of the foreign DNA fragments creating a recombinant DNA plasmid ...
Example Case: Bacterial Plasmid Subcloning
... cutting sites "A" and "B" with incompatible sticky ends ... The digest products, now containing compatible sticky ends with each other (but incompatible sticky ends with themselves) are subjected to ligation ...
Sticky And Blunt Ends - Variations in Double-stranded Molecules - Overhangs and Sticky Ends
... Non-blunt ends are created by various overhangs ... is a stretch of unpaired nucleotides in the end of a DNA molecule ... A-overhang 5'-ATCTGACTA-3' 3'-TAGACTGA-5' Longer overhangs are called cohesive ends or sticky ends ...

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