Stem Nominative

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Proto-Germanic Language - Phonology - Later Developments
... is shown in the table below Ending(s) PG Goth NGm ON WGm OHG OE a-stem masculine accusative singular ą - a - a? - - a-stem masculine nominative singular az s az r ...
Artio - Representations and Inscriptions
... A bronze sculpture from Muri, near Bern in Switzerland shows a large bear facing a woman seated in a chair, with a small tree behind the bear ... The woman seems to hold fruit in her lap, perhaps feeding the bear ...

Famous quotes containing the word stem:

    Bite down
    on the bitter stem of your nectared
    rose, you know
    the dreamy stench of death and fling
    magenta shawls delicately
    about your brown shoulders laughing.
    Denise Levertov (b. 1923)