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Mining Industry Of Russia - Mineral Resources - Metals - Iron and Steel
... Russia is the world’s fourth-ranked steel producer after China, Japan, and the United States ... Russia shares the lead with Japan as the world’s leading steel exporter ... From 1998 to 2005, Russian steel production increased by more than 50% ...
Hunter Valley Coal Chain - HVCC Logistics Team - Consumers
... Pty Ltd The majority of Australian coal was traditionally sold to Japanese steel mills or power utilities in accordance with long term contracts ... The Japanese steel mills, operating in a co-ordinated manner and collectively known as the "JSM", negotiated prices for coking coal ... One of the steel mills would be appointed as the lead negotiator for the initial contracts with producers ...
Pakistan Steel Mills - Nationalization
... The privatization had the disastrous effects on steel mills, and it was lost by the private sector due to their inability to run such giant large-scale operations of steel mills ... Under private sector, the steel suffered loss in its net worth and declining of producing capacity of the steel mill ... after the private sector, the Tuwairqi Steel Mills pulled off its investment from steel mills instead established another steel mill industry to ...
1952 Steel Strike - Ruling and Steel Mill Seizure
... Steel companies claimed they would need a $12 per ton increase in the price of steel in order to stay solvent ... On March 21, Wilson met with steel industry officials to learn their views ... to Washington that afternoon, convinced he had won Truman's consent to settle the steel wage dispute at a level two-thirds lower than the recommendation of the WSB ...
Carnegie Steel Company - Steel Mills
... It now became possible to make steel suitable for structural beams and for armor plate for the US Navy, which paid far higher prices for the premium product ... As the mills expanded the labor force grew rapidly, especially less skilled workers ...

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    By the power elite, we refer to those political, economic, and military circles which as an intricate set of overlapping cliques share decisions having at least national consequences. In so far as national events are decided, the power elite are those who decide them.
    —C. Wright Mills (1916–1962)

    We are caught up Mr. Perry on a great wave whether we will or no, a great wave of expansion and progress. All these mechanical inventions—telephones, electricity, steel bridges, horseless vehicles—they are all leading somewhere. It’s up to us to be on the inside in the forefront of progress.
    John Dos Passos (1896–1970)