State Vector

State vector may refer to:

  • A Quantum state vector
  • A state vector (geographical) specifies the position and velocity of an object in any location on Earth's surface
  • Orbital state vectors are vectors of position and velocity that together with their time, uniquely determine the state of an orbiting body in astrodynamics or celestial dynamics

Other articles related to "states, state, state vector, vector":

Forward–backward Algorithm - Forward Probabilities
... The transition probabilities of a given random variable representing all possible states in the hidden Markov model will be represented by the matrix where the row index, i, will represent the start ... below represents a system where the probability of staying in the same state after each step is 70% and the probability of transitioning to the other state is 30% ... The transition matrix is then In a typical Markov model we would multiply a state vector by this matrix to obtain the probabilities for the subsequent state ...
Instrumentalist Interpretation - The "Stern & Gerlach" Experiment
... a shutter on a specific channel of an "S G analyser", one component of the state vector gets "filtered", it is eliminated ... One cannot either demonstrate that the "state vector" (or whatever it stands for) gets filtered inside the experimental device ... The state vector represents formally a property of the experimental pattern ...
Atmospheric Sounding - Indirect Methods - Statement of The Problem
... Typically, there is a vector of values of the quantity to be retrieved, called the state vector and a vector of measurements ... The state vector could be temperatures, ozone number densities, humidities etc ... The measurement vector is typically counts, radiances or brightness temperatures from a radiometer or similar detector but could include any other quantity germain to the problem ...
Poincaré Recurrence Theorem - Quantum Mechanical Version
... For every and there exists a time T larger than, such that, where denotes the state vector of the system at time t ... The squared norm of the difference of the state vector at time T and time zero, can be written as We can truncate the summation at some n = N independent of T, because which can be made arbitrarily ... On such intervals, we have The state vector thus returns arbitrarily closely to the initial state, infinitely often ...
State Vector (geographical)
... A geographical state vector is a set of data describing exactly where an object is located in space, and how it is moving ... From a state vector, the object's current and future position can be determined ... A geographical state vector typically will contain seven elements three position coordinates, three velocity terms, and the time at which these values were valid ...

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