State Terrorism

State terrorism may refer to acts of terrorism conducted by a state against a foreign state or people. It can also refer to acts of violence by a state against its own people.

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Allegations Of State Terrorism By Sri Lanka - See Also
... State terrorism State sponsored terrorism Iran and state terrorism Terrorism in Russia United States and state terrorism List of attacks attributed to the Sri Lankan military ...
Allegations Of State Terrorism By Sri Lanka - Specific Allegations - Torture and Rape
... torture and rape by Sri Lankan forces has amounted to state terrorism ... Vankalai massacre has been described as an act of state terrorism ... In the book Trauma of Terrorism by Yael Danieli, the Sri Lankan state is viewed as having been the most guilty in the use of terror the author claims that state ...
Allegations Of State Terrorism By Sri Lanka
... have accused the Sri Lankan government of committing state terrorism ... groups dating from 1956, including the civil war against Tamil militant groups and the state response to the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna insurrections, have involved acts of state terrorism ...
State Terrorism - Moral Analysis
... Philosopher Igor Primoratz provides four reasons why he believes that state terrorism is typically morally worse than non-state terrorism ... First, because of the nature of the modern state and "the amount and variety of resources" available even for small states, the state mode of terrorism claims ... Secondly, because "state terrorism is bound to be compounded by secrecy, deception and hypocrisy", terrorist states typically act with clandestine brutality while publicly professing adherence to "values and ...

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