State Secrets

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State Secrets Protection Act
... The State Secrets Protection Act, S ... constitutional role of both the Judicial and Executive branches in state secrets cases would alter decades of settled case law and would likely result in the harmful ... noted that current laws surrounding State Secrets allow much room for abuse, and claimed that taking a new approach would not jeopardize security in any manner because each case would be left to the ...
Steven Hatfill - Lawsuits - Hatfill V. The New York Times
... restrictions imposed on the case were tantamount to an assertion of the state secrets privilege ... Times attorneys cited the case law on state secrets to support their argument that the case should be dismissed ... The "state secrets" doctrine, they said, "precludes a case from proceeding to trial when national security precludes a party from obtaining evidence that is.. ...
State Secrets Privilege - Calls For Reform
... See also State Secrets Protection Act In recent years, a number of commentators have called for legislative reforms to the state secrets privilege ... Prohibiting courts from dismissing claims on the basis of the state secrets privilege until after they have reviewed all available evidence ... Excluding illegal government action from the definition of "state secrets," or otherwise allowing the court to address the legality (instead of just the secrecy) of government conduct ...
State Secrets Doctrine
... The state secrets doctrine could refer to State secrets privilege in the United States Official Secrets Act elsewhere ...

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