Star Catalogue

A star catalogue, or star catalog, is an astronomical catalogue that lists stars. In astronomy, many stars are referred to simply by catalogue numbers. There are a great many different star catalogues which have been produced for different purposes over the years, and this article covers only some of the more frequently quoted ones. Star catalogues were compiled by many different ancient peoples, including the Babylonians, Greeks, Chinese, Persians and Arabs. Most modern catalogues are available in electronic format and can be freely downloaded from NASA's Astronomical Data Center.

Completeness and accuracy is described by the weakest apparent magnitude V (largest number) and the accuracy of the positions.

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... The PPM Star Catalogue (Positions and Proper Motions Star Catalogue) is the successor of the SAO Catalogue ... It contains precise positions and proper motions of 378,910 stars on the whole sky in the J2000/FK5 coordinate system ... as possible the IAU (1976) coordinate system on the sky, as defined by the FK5 star catalogue ...
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... Stars evolve and move over time, making catalogs evolving, impermanent databases at even the most rigorous levels of production ...

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