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Toronto Professional Hockey Club - History - 1908 Stanley Cup Challenge
... Toronto March 1908 Stanley Cup Challenge Roster Chuck Tyner (goal) Con Corbeau (point) Rowley Young (coverpoint) Morrison, (forward) Newsy Lalonde (fo ...
List Of Stanley Cup Challenge Games
... This is a list of Stanley Cup challenge games from 1893 to 1914 ... During this period, the Stanley Cup was a "challenge trophy" the champions held onto the Cup until they either lost their league title to another club, or a champion from another league issued a formal ... The playoff format for each challenge varied depending on what the two competing clubs agreed to ...
Tom Phillips (ice Hockey) - Playing Career
... with the team when they played the Winnipeg Victorias in a Stanley Cup challenge series he scored three goals in the four game series, which saw Montreal retain the Cup until the end of the season ... the Ontario Hockey Association senior championships, and were invited to play a Stanley Cup challenge series against the Ottawa Hockey Club ... The Thistles won the Manitoba league championship, which allowed them to challenge for the Stanley Cup ...
Sport In Ottawa - Events Hosted
1903 Stanley Cup Challenge 1904 Stanley Cup Challenge 1905 Stanley Cup 1908 Stanley Cup Challenge 1909 Stanley Cup 1910 Stanley Cup Challenge 1911 Stanley ...
2002 African Cup Of Nations
... The 2002 African Cup of Nations was the 23rd edition of the Africa Cup of Nations, the association football championship of Africa (CAF) ...

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