Standby may refer to:

  • Standby (air travel), a list in which passengers may request to be placed on to request an earlier or more convenient flight.
  • Standby (theater), an actor or performer who will appear in a particular role if the regular performer is not present
  • Sleep mode (in electronics), also known as standby-mode - a mode in which electronic appliances are turned off but under power and ready to activate on command
  • Standby power energy consumed by an electronic device while it is turned off
  • Standby, (or ACPI S3) an ACPI mode of a computer
  • Standby, the term NASA uses in air-to-ground radio communications for expressing "please wait"

Other articles related to "standby":

Standby Of Death
... In computing, the term standby of death (also SOD) refers to a problem with some electronic devices where they cannot resume after entering standby ... Although such problems have plagued standby-capable devices since their inception, the specific term "standby of death" is relatively new and uncommon ...
Standby Power - Reducing Standby Consumption - Equipment Efficiency
... rather than waste heat) this affects all aspects of equipment, including standby power ... Efficiency is increasing and standby power decreasing, both by attention to circuit design and by improved technology ... Programs directed at consumer electronics have stimulated manufacturers to cut standby power use in many products ...
Standby Power - Policy
... sold in the world only use one watt in standby mode ... to "purchase products that use no more than one watt in their standby power consuming mode" ... into effect, limiting external power supply standby power to 0.5 watts ...
Motorola Minitor
... a pack of cigarettes, is carried on a person and usually left on a silent "standby" mode ... any audio transmissions on that channel until the unit is reset back into a silent "standby" mode (depending on programming selections) or it resets back to the "standby ...