Standard Enthalpy

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Enthalpy Of Atomization
... The enthalpy of atomization (also atomisation in British spelling) is the enthalpy change that accompanies the total separation of all atoms in a chemical substance (either a chemical element or a ... The associated standard enthalpy is known as the Standard enthalpy of atomization, ΔatHo/(kJ mol−1), at 298.15 K (or 25 degrees celsius) and 101.3 kPa ... Definition Enthalpy of atomization is the amount of enthalpy change when a compound's bonds are broken and the component atoms are reduced to individual atoms ...
Enthalpy Of Neutralization
... The enthalpy of neutralization (ΔHn) is the change in enthalpy that occurs when one equivalent of an acid and one equivalent of a base undergo a neutralization ... It is a special case of the enthalpy of reaction ... When a reaction is carried out under standard conditions at the temperature of 298 K (25 degrees Celsius) and 1 atm of pressure and one mole of water is formed it is ...
Applications - Enthalpy Changes
... An enthalpy change describes the change in enthalpy observed in the constituents of a thermodynamic system when undergoing a transformation or chemical reaction ... It is the difference between the enthalpy after the process has completed, i.e ... the enthalpy of the products, and the initial enthalpy of the system, i.e ...

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