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St George opens with Tango spokesman, Ray Gardner, in his office in the headquarters of Tango. He appears to be doing a corporate video. He has a letter in his hand from a French exchange student, Sebastien, who is critical of new blackcurrant flavoured Tango. Ray walks forward, bumping into the camera before continuing his rant through the office. He is joined by some colleagues who follow him out into the car park where, now in full flow, he begins stripping off. Ray is joined by more staff who help him off with the rest of his clothes, revealing some bright purple boxing shorts under his trousers. Ray and his entourage arrive seamlessly on the White Cliffs of Dover where a flag waving army of supporters have gathered to cheer on their leader. The commercial is now fully widescreen and the action is accompanied by rousing anthemic dance music - "Don't You Want Me" by Felix. As they help him into some purple boxing gloves and place a purple cloak around his shoulders, Ray continues his rant against Sebastien. On the edge of the cliffs is a boxing ring which Ray climbs into, before challenging Sebastian, France, Europe and the world to a fight. In the sky behind him, three Harrier Jump Jets appear and tilt menacingly.

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Translation (biology) - Genetic Code
... using sophisticated algorithms, the amino acid sequence, called primary structure, can be determined solely from the nucleic acid sequence with the aid of a translation table ... a downstream hairpin (SElenoCysteine Insertion Sequence, or SECIS) ... are many computer programs capable of translating a DNA/RNA sequence into a protein sequence ...
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... In mathematics, the Farey sequence of order n is the sequence of completely reduced fractions between 0 and 1 which, when in lowest terms, have denominators less than or equal to n, arranged in order of increasing ... Each Farey sequence starts with the value 0, denoted by the fraction 0⁄1, and ends with the value 1, denoted by the fraction 1⁄1 (although some authors omit these terms) ... A Farey sequence is sometimes called a Farey series, which is not strictly correct, because the terms are not summed ...
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... Let be a pointwise non-decreasing sequence of -valued Σ–measurable functions, i.e ... X, Next, set the pointwise limit of the sequence to be f ... If the sequence satisfies the assumptions μ–almost everywhere, one can find a set N ∈ Σ with μ(N) = 0 such that the sequence is non-decreasing for every ...
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    We have defined a story as a narrative of events arranged in their time-sequence. A plot is also a narrative of events, the emphasis falling on causality. “The king died and then the queen died” is a story. “The king died, and then the queen died of grief” is a plot. The time sequence is preserved, but the sense of causality overshadows it.
    —E.M. (Edward Morgan)