Squire Roses - Emblem


The Columbian Squire Roses emblem symbolizes the ideals which identify a Squire Rose. Centered in a circle is the cross of Christ, with the letters “F,” “W,” “S,” and “C.” These symbolize Family, Wisdom, Spiritual, and Civic growth that occurs within the Squire Roses. Within the triangle are the letters “S,” representing Service, “R,” for Responsibility, “C,” for Christ, and “K,” for the Knights of Columbus, by whom the Squires Roses program is sponsored. The triangle, the most stable geometric shape, is a representation of the Holy Trinity. A red rose adorns the emblem, symbolic of womanhood and of blossoming life. The emblem is encircled with a golden ring, signifying the value and perpetuity of the group, and that all within are equal. Upon the ring is the motto of the Squire Roses – “With Grace and Dignity We Stand as One.”

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