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List Of Weapons In The American Civil War - Individual Weapons - Rifles
... Model Notes Springfield Model 1861 The Springfield Model 1861 was the most widely-used shoulder arm during the Civil War ... caliber Minie ball as the Enfield and Springfield ... Fayetteville rifle A Confederate copy of the Springfield rifle ...
List Of Weapons Of The United States Marine Corps - Retired
... M1 bayonet M1942 bayonet M1917 bayonet M1905 bayonet Pistols M1911 pistol S W Model 10 S W Model 66 M1905 Marine 1873 Colt Single Action Colt M1861 Navy Colt 1851 Navy Revolver Harper's Ferry Model ...
Springfield Model 1870
... The Springfield Model 1870 was one of several model "trapdoor Springfields", which used the trapdoor breechblock design developed by Erskine S ... The Model 1870 was a minor improvement to the Springfield Model 1868, and retained most of the Model 1868's features ... Note Springfield Model 1870 may also refer to the The Springfield Rolling Block U.S ...
Springfield Model 1842
... The US Model 1842 Musket was a.69 caliber musket manufactured and used in the United States during the 19th Century ... It is a continuation of the Model 1816 line of muskets but is generally referred to as its own model number rather than just a variant of the Model 1816 ... The Model 1842 was the last U.S ...

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