Spin States (d Electrons)

Spin States (d Electrons)

Spin states when describing transition metal coordination complexes refers to the potential spin configurations of the metal center's d electrons. In many these spin states vary between high-spin and low-spin configurations. These configurations can be understood through the two major models used to describe coordination complexes; ligand field theory, which is an application of molecular orbital theory to transition metals, and crystal field theory, which has roots in VSEPR theory.

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Spin States (d Electrons) - High-spin and Low-spin Systems
... The first d electron count special version of electron configuration)with the possibility of holding a high spinor low spinstate is octahedral d4 since it has more than the 3 electrons to fill the non bonding d ... The spinstate of the complex also affects an atom'sionic radius ... d4 Octahedral high-spin4 unpaired electrons,paramagnetic,substitutionally labile ...

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