• (verb): Pass (time) in a specific way.
    Synonyms: pass
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Lives At Risk - Introduction
... The potential exists to spend the entire US GDP on health care in useful ways ... As time goes on, Americans desire to spend more of their income on health care ... The authors contend that Americans could potentially spend their entire GDP on medical testing alone ...
Aggregate Spend
... Aggregate Spend is the process used in the USA to aggregate and monitor total amount spent by healthcare manufacturers on individual healthcare professionals and organizations (HCP/O ... to which physician (b) Mandate statutory reports at least once a year and, (c) Limit spend per physician ... Aggregate Spend” is the total, collective, cumulative amount spent by healthcare manufacturers (pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device organizations) on individual ...
Spend A Buck Handicap
... The Spend A Buck Handicap is an American Grade III Thoroughbred horse race held annually since 1991 in mid October at Calder Race Course in Miami Gardens, Florida ... The race was named in honor of Spend A Buck, winner of the 1985 Kentucky Derby and a Calder Race Course Hall of Fame inductee ... conditions 11/ miles 1991, 1997–present 1 mile, 70 yards 1992, run as the Spend A Buck Overnight Handicap for three-year-olds 1⅛ miles 1994-1996 ...
Spend Analysis
... Spend analysis is the process of collecting, cleansing, classifying and analyzing expenditure data with the purpose of reducing procurement costs ... There are three core areas of spend analysis - visibility, analysis and process ... am I really spending? With whom am I spending it? Am I getting what’s been promised for that spend? Spend analysis is often viewed as part of a larger domain known as spend management ...
Laurence Olivier Award For Best Actress In A Musical - Award Winners - 2000s
2000 Barbara Dickson – Spend Spend Spend Josette Bushell-Mingo – The Lion King as Rafiki Rachel Leskovac – Spend Spend Spend Siobhan McCarthy – Mamma Mia! as Donna ...

More definitions of "spend":

  • (verb): Pay out.
    Example: "Spend money"
    Synonyms: expend, drop
  • (verb): Spend completely.
    Example: "I spend my pocket money in two days"

Famous quotes containing the word spend:

    Every time an ashtray is missing from a hotel, they don’t come looking for you. But let a diamond bracelet disappear in France and they shout John Robie, the Cat. You don’t have to spend every day of your life proving your honesty, but I do.
    John Michael Hayes (b.1919)

    I shall never send for a priest or recite an Act of Contrition in my last moments. I do not mind if I lose my soul for all eternity. If the kind of God exists Who would damn me for not working out a deal with Him, then that is unfortunate. I should not care to spend eternity in the company of such a person.
    Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)

    What is important for kids to learn is that no matter how much money they have, earn, win, or inherit, they need to know how to spend it, how to save it, and how to give it to others in need. This is what handling money is about, and this is why we give kids an allowance.
    Barbara Coloroso (20th century)