Spanish Conquest of Iberian Navarre

Spanish Conquest Of Iberian Navarre

A series of wars between 1512–1524 led to the Spanish conquest of the Iberian part of Navarre. Ferdinand the Catholic was in 1512 both king of Aragon and regent of Castile. When Pope Julius II declared a Holy League against France, Navarre tried to remain neutral. Ferdinand used this as an excuse to attack Navarre, conquering it while its potential protector France was beset by England, Venice, and Ferdinand's Italian armies.

Several attempts were made to retake Iberian Navarre, notably a revolt in 1516 and a full-fledged French/Navarrese invasion in 1521. All were defeated by the Spanish. Navarre north of the Pyrenees mountains survived, but only as a client state of France.

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Spanish Conquest Of Iberian Navarre - 1521 French Invasion
... See also Italian War of 1521–1526 French invasion of Navarre Part of the Italian War of 1521–1526 Date 1521-1524 Location Kingdom of Navarre Result ... With the support of King Henry II of Navarre, he began raising an army of Béarnese soldiers to recapture Iberian Navarre for his ally ... The Castilian Viceroy of Navarre, Antonio Manrique de Lara, 2nd Duke of Nájera, was caught off-guard ...

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