Space Group

In mathematics and geometry, a space group is a symmetry group, usually for three dimensions, that divides space into discrete repeatable domains.

In three dimensions, there are 219 distinct types, or counted as 230 if chiral copies are considered distinct. Space groups are also studied in dimensions other than 3 where they are sometimes called Bieberbach groups, and are discrete cocompact groups of isometries of an oriented Euclidean space.

In crystallography, they are also called the crystallographic or Fedorov groups, and represent a description of the symmetry of the crystal. A definitive source regarding 3-dimensional space groups is the International Tables for Crystallography (Hahn (2002)).

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Bk - Characteristics - Allotropes
... stable α form which has a hexagonal symmetry, space group P63/mmc, lattice parameters of 341 pm and 1107 pm ... to the beta modification, which has a face-centered cubic (fcc) symmetry and space group Fm3m ... transforms into another phase with an fcc lattice (but slightly different from β-berkelium), space group Fm3m and the lattice constant of 500 pm this fcc structure is equivalent to the closest packing ...
Pearson Symbol and Space Group
... The Pearson symbol does not uniquely identify the space group of a crystal structure, for example both the NaCl structure, (space group Fm3m) and diamond (space group Fd3m ...
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... Crystal system Point group Space groups (international short symbol) Intl Schönflies 1 Triclinic (2) 1 C1 Chiral P1 1 ... Ci P1 3–5 Monoclinic (13) 2 C2 Chiral P2 ... They are found in seven orthorombic, five tetragonal and five cubic space groups, all with centered lattice ... trigonal, then the lattice system is hexagonal unless the space group is one of the seven in the rhombohedral lattice system consisting of the 7 trigonal space groups in the table above ...
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