South Slavic

South Slavic can refer to:

  • South Slavic languages
  • South Slavic peoples

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Slavic Liquid Metathesis And Pleophony - Complete and Incomplete, First and The Second Metathesis
... with the corresponding vowel lengthening, then the complete metathesis occurs only in South Slavic, partially Slovak and in non-word-initial position in the whole Czecho-Slovak area ... metathesis has been operational in all Slavic languages under the acuted syllable ... Under the word-initial non-acuted syllable there was no lengthening except in South Slavic and partially Slovak ...
Slavic Second Palatalization - Formulation
... velars *k (< PIE *k, *kʷ) and *g (< PIE *g, *gʰ, *gʷ, *gʷʰ) change before the Proto-Slavic diphthong *aj/āj (< PIE *oy, *h₂ey/ay), which itself must have become *ē by the time the second ... palatalization of *x is dependent upon chronology and the Slavic dialect in question In East and South Slavic it's /s/, and in West Slavic languages it's /š/ ... Slovak tends to go with South Slavic in such instances, e.g ...
Slavic Liquid Metathesis And Pleophony - Reflexes in Slavic Languages
... In South Slavic the vowel and the liquid metathesize, and as a side-effect the vowel lengthens (*e > *ē > ě, *a > *ā > a) *al > la *ar > ra *el > lě *er > rě Compare PSl ... milk as opposed to the metathesized South Slavic RVC structure ... Word-initially, metathesis with lengthening occurred always only in south and central Slovak dialects (i.e ...

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