Sonic Team

Sonic Team (SONICTEAM/ソニックチーム, Sonikku Chīmu?) is a Japanese computer and video game developer established in Ōta, Tokyo, Japan in 1990, originally known as Sega AM8. The Japan-based division is also known as G.E. Department Global Entertainment. The studio has collaborated with several in-house Japanese studios as well as other American-based studios such as STI and Visual Concepts. Sonic Team are best known for the Sonic the Hedgehog series. The American division was discontinued in 2008.

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Sonic Next - Development
... Sonic the Hedgehog was first announced at the Electronic Entertainment Expo convention in May 2005 ... At the 2005 Tokyo Game Show convention, Yuji Naka revealed the game's official title, Sonic the Hedgehog, and also announced that the game would celebrate the 15th anniversary of ... After its debut, the game's development team faced serious problems, starting with the resignation of Yuji Naka as the head of Sonic Team ...
List Of Nintendo GameCube Games - Games - P
... NA, PAL Phantasy Star Online Episode I II 2002 Sonic Team Atari / Sega JP, NA, PAL Phantasy Star Online Episode I II Plus 2003 Sonic Team Sega JP, NA Phantasy Star Online Episode ... Revolution 2003 Sonic Team Sega JP, NA, PAL Piglet's Big Game 2003 Doki Denki Studio Gotham Games NA, PAL Pikmin 2001 Nintendo Entertainment Analysis and Development Nintendo JP, NA, PAL Pikmin 2 2004 ...
Music Video Game - Major Developers - Sonic Team / United Game Artists / Sega AM9
... Sonic Team (formerly Sega AM8) is a division of Sega Corporation, which from 2000-2003 absorbed and incorporated several smaller former Sega divisions following the transitional phase in which Sega dropped out of the ... Sonic Team produced only one music video game prior to merging with United Game Artists ... The last title developed by UGA before its absorption into Sonic Team was Space Channel 5 Part 2 (2002), a direct sequel to Space Channel 5 ...
Eitaro Toyoda
... Eitaro Toyoda is a Sonic Team game designer and level designer ... He first joined Sonic Team during the development of Sonic Adventure as an Event Scene Editor ... Since then he has worked with Sonic Team USA on Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Heroes, and Shadow the Hedgehog ...

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