Something's Coming (Desperate Housewives) - Plot


Gabrielle tells her friends she’s back together with Carlos and that they will be leaving town to escape from her current husband Victor. While they are saying their goodbyes, Karen McCluskey alerts them that a tornado is on its way.

Lynette goes to Karen McCluskey’s house and basically harasses her into letting her family stay with her in her basement during the storm. Mrs. McCluskey doesn’t want those wretched kids of Lynette’s in her basement with her, she says that Ida and her are just going to be playing cards, hanging out and that the Scavo kids will disturb their peace. Lynette harangues her until she gives in.

Katherine is taping up her windows when she spies Sylvia just loitering outside her house. When she goes out to confront her, she finds out that Sylvia met with Adam the day before, and Adam didn’t tell her.

Bree knows how her friend, Susan, is. So she's put together some storm supplies and takes them to her home. Susan tells Bree that it may be time to tell Orson about Mike's drug problem so that if Mike goes to Orson for pills, he won’t get any. Bree tells Susan that she told Orson last week.

On her way home from Susan’s house, Bree spots the confrontation between Katherine and Sylvia and sees Katherine spit in Sylvia’s face. When Bree nosily asks Katherine is she's all right, Katherine is snotty towards her, so Bree asks Sylvia if she’s ok and invites her in for a cup of tea.

While drinking tea, Sylvia tells Bree all about her affair with Adam and describes a tattoo he has. Bree begins feeling uncomfortable and asks her to leave, but Sylvia locks herself in Bree's bathroom... the bathroom that Bree is planning to use for her tornado safe spot.

Susan interrupts Orson in his office while he's with a patient. She asks him why he would give prescribe pills to Mike, knowing that he's an addict. She then threatens him with great pain if he gives Mike any more pills.

When one of the neighborhood kids comes around to sell storm supplies, Edie finds out that Gaby and Carlos are getting ready to move. She gets that look on her face that says that she's getting ready to cause more havoc.

When Mike gets into his truck, he finds out that Susan has found his stash of pills and left him a note in their place. When he goes to talk to her, they argue and when she walks away from him, he grabs her arm. Unfortunately, it happens to be on the stairwell and when she pulls away from him, she falls down the stairs.

At the Hospital, Mike learns that Susan is not considered an emergency case because she’s not bleeding and not cramping. The hospital is busy because of the storm. Mike begins to lose it.

When Adam gets home, he gets an earful from Katherine about Sylvia. Just then Bree knocks on the door and drags Adam to her house. She wants that crazy woman out of her bathroom. While Adam talks to Sylvia, Katherine tells Bree a different version of what happened with her in Chicago.

While Ida and Karen play cards in the basement, they are invaded by the Scavos. Those kids are as obnoxious as Karen feared. Lynette starts off with her mamby pamby reprimanding of her kids when Tom’s asthma starts acting up. It seems that Ida brought her cat and Tom is very allergic. Lynette tries to demand that they put the cat upstairs when Karen reminds her that she invited Ida... not them. To keep the peace, Tom said that he’ll stay on the other side.

At the hospital, Mike gets belligerent with the hospital staff and hits an orderly. They handcuff him to a chair until after Susan is seen and ready to leave. Just then she comes out, after seeing the doctor, and she says she’s fine. She tells him that the hospital has a great rehab program and he says that he doesn’t need rehab, he can do it himself. When a nurse gives Susan some pain medication for her ankle, Mike almost salivates over them. She tells him no and that either he goes to rehab or she’s leaving him. He agrees to go to rehab.

While Edie is on Gaby's porch looking through their stuff, a guy comes up and mistakes her for Gabrielle. He hands her a folder with all the information on Carlos’ Cayman accounts and tells her that’s the only folder so she must not lose it. After he leaves, Edie gloats and goes back to her house with the folder, but Gaby sees her and follows her.

In Karen McCluskey’s basement, Karen is trying to get television reception without rabbit ears. Tom is wheezing from his asthma and tells Lynette that he has to go upstairs. Most everyone is asleep and Lynette sneaks the cat from the cage and takes it upstairs.

Gaby is banging on Edie's door, and not surprisingly Edie won’t let her in. Gaby grabs a chair and breaks a plate glass window and when she walks in, she says "Oh, good! You're home.".

Karen catches Lynette as Lynette gets ready to put the cat in a closet. Lynette tries to guilt Karen with the friendship thing and Karen tells her that they are not friends. Karen lays it out for her and tells her that she’s a user. Just then, the storm blows open the front door and the cat runs out. Karen follows the cat because it’s the only family that Ida has and Lynette follows Karen.

Gaby and Edie are fighting over the folder and eventually Gaby gets hold of it and runs outside. They fight some more and the pages fly away. Edie sees something that scares her and she pulls Gaby into her house.

Just then Karen is trying to get the cat under a car. As Lynette tries to pull her up to get her to come into the house, they both look up with that same look that Edie had. They see the tornado bearing down on Wisteria Lane. They can’t get back to Karen’s house, so they run into Lynette's.

Edie has a little storm cellar in her home, but Gaby refuses to get into it until a burst of wind breaks the glass. Adam is still arguing with Sylvia, trying to get her to open the bathroom door. They give up and he, Katherine, Bree, Orson and the baby go into a closet. Lynette and Karen hide in a bathtub covered with a mattress.

Edie and Gaby bond in the storm cellar. When Gaby apologizes for what she and Carlos did, Edie interrupts her and tells her that there won’t be any deathbed confessions. She plans on hating Gaby for years to come. When Gaby asks her is she really hates her, Edie says yes. Then she says no. She just allowed herself to really fall for Carlos, knowing all along he'd go back to Gaby.

In the Hodges' closet, there's blame casting going on. After Bree tells Katherine that she should be more gracious, Katherine tells her that if she wasn’t so blasted nosy, they wouldn’t be in her closet. Adam tells Katherine that it’s not Bree's fault that there is a loony in their safe room, and Bree complains that they didn’t have to listen to Sylvia babble for an hour. When Orson asks what kind of things was she babbling about, Bree tells them that Sylvia said that she and Adam were lovers. Bree says that Sylvia said she could prove it, and Bree mentions what Sylvia said about the tattoo.

It seems that Katherine actually believed the story Sylvia told Bree earlier. She's distraught that Adam actually had the affair and realizes that was why they had to settle and leave everything behind in Chicago. When Adam attempts to apologize, Katherine tells him "Not here. Not now.". Her eyes are filled with tears and Bree reaches out and places her hand over Katherine's.

Carlos finally makes it home and runs through the house like a mad man looking for Gaby. He then spies Victor sitting in the front room. When Carlos asks Victor where Gaby is, Victor tells him that he doesn’t know, but that they will have to wait for her together and pulls out a gun. When Carlos begins to explain to Victor that he and Gaby are two halves of a whole, and they never meant to hurt anyone, Victor starts shooting at him.

They run outside and in the midst of the storm start fighting over the gun. The gun flies out of Victor's hand and as they look at it, a car falls upside down on it. They continue to fight as a bicycle destroys Bob and Lee's sculpture, and the wind tears fences apart. Carlos manages to punch victor out and runs for shelter. Just as Victor recovers and raises some kind of iron leadpipe to smash Carlos's head in, Victor is impaled by a white picket from a fence and dies. Seconds later, a metal object knocks Carlos out cold, blinding him.

Meanwhile Sylvia is bored in the bathroom by herself and comes out. She’s wondering towards the front door yelling for Adam. She tells him that this is his last chance to come to her or she’ll tell the world about what happened. She opens the front door and is sucked out by the tornado's strong winds.

The storm rages. Things are thrown through windows as the residents of Wisteria Lane huddle in their hiding places.

After the storm abates, there is destruction everywhere; the residents of Wisteria Lane emerge from their hiding places to utter destruction. The Scavos' bathroom is filled with trees. The Hodges emerge to see the plate glass windows have been blown in and a hole in their roof.

Lynette and Karen crawl through the mountains of debris in the street and Lynette screams in horror when she sees that Mrs. McCluskey's house has been completely demolished.

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